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Land of Smiles
Thailand 2013-2015

Land of Smiles is a surreal, color-soaked trip through the built and natural landscapes of Thailand...wildly sculptural fluorescent streetlights out in the provinces, Bangkok's endless maze of backstreets and, finally, strange jungle plants and flowers seen at night.  Land of Smiles is an immersive and obsessive vision of Thailand as few have ever seen it.

148 pages
Japanese binding
Two specialty paper stocks
Edition of 350 copies
Printed & bound in Belgium
ISBN: 978-0-692-80421-6
Published June 2017

Limited edition copies include an archival/signed 8" x 10" print (numbered edition of 20).

Available at these fine booksellers:

Dashwood Books (NYC)
Printed Matter (NYC)
McNally Jackson (NYC)
Arcana Books (LA)
Family Books (LA)
Ampersand Books (Portland) 
25 Books (Berlin) 

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