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Still Life with Son 

This is a new collaboration with my three year old son Nino. In March 2020, my family and I left NYC and have been sequestered at our house in the Hudson Valley. During that time, my son Nino has been painting some wild and beautiful little pictures. One day I noticed that they weirdly resemble the colors and textures of the landscape surrounding our 1950 stone house in the woods (the quarry across the road, the trees at dusk, etc.)....and so Still Life with Son was born.

Nino's paintings serve as backgrounds for the images, all of the objects were found in the basement of the house when we bought it and Nino and I foraged the plant/floral elements from the nearby woods and fields (wild ramps, forsythia, acorns, dogwood, dandelions, ferns, etc.). These are photographs about the idea of home, the relationship between myself and my son, our connection to nature and daily life under our new shared reality.
The project is ongoing and was recently published in the July issue of AD Italy.