chris mottalini

Curbed_Carl Curbed_Carl Curbed_Carl 2_PaulingHouse.jpg 7_PaulingHouse.jpg 5_PaulingHouse.jpg 3_PaulingHouse.jpg 8_PaulingHouse.jpg 9_PaulingHouse.jpg 18_GoodsillHouse.jpg 19_GoodsillHouse.jpg 20_GoodsillHouse.jpg 21_GoodSillHouse.jpg 12_PunahouChapel.jpg 12b_PunahouChapel.jpg 13_PunhaouChapel.jpg 14_PunahouChapel.jpg 23_LiljestrandHouse.jpg 23a_LiljestrandHouse.jpg 24_LiljestrandHouse.jpg 24a_LiljestrandHouse.jpg 24b_LiljestrandHouse.jpg 27_LiljestrandHouse.jpg 28_LiljestrandHouse.jpg 32_LiljestrandHouse.jpg 32c_LiljestrandHouse.jpg 32b_LiljestrandHouse.jpg 32a_LiljestrandHouse.jpg 34_HPAChapel.jpg 36_HPAChapel.jpg 36c_HPAChapel.jpg 37a_HPAChapel.jpg 38_HPAChapel.jpg Mottalini_NYMag_Avedon_2_7169_lores.jpg Curbed_Carl Curbed_Carl Curbed_Carl Curbed_Carl Curbed_Carl Curbed_Carl Curbed_Carl Curbed_Carl Curbed_Carl 000043860001.jpg 000044040001.jpg 000044010007.jpg 000043860007.jpg 000043860008.jpg 000043920001.jpg 000043920004.jpg 000043940001.jpg 000043960004.jpg 000044000006.jpg 000044000002.jpg 000044010002.jpg 000043920008.jpg 000044020004.jpg

An excerpt from the new feature on (written and photographed by Chris Mottalini)...view the Curbed feature here.

I’d never had the chance to see Hawaii, until, through a series of random occurrences and connections this past spring, I met a good friend of the granddaughter of the undisputed master of Hawaiian modernism, Vladimir “Val” Ossipoff. She wondered if I’d be interested in photographing the work of the famed, hugely influential, but simultaneously sort of underappreciated (at least on the mainland) architect.

I specialize in photographically preserving modernist architecture and, though I was familiar with Ossipoff’s work, I’d only ever seen it in pictures and drawings; an 11-hour flight from New York City to Honolulu would be required to actually see his work in person. I thought about it for all of a minute or two and soon my flight was booked and the trip was planned. I didn’t know if I’d be able to publish the work, but I felt it was something I had to see for myself.